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Same Day Restoration can help you restore your property after water damage events from burst pipes, sewage overflows, washing machine overflows, pinhole leaks etc. Depending on the source of the water Same Day Restoration and Carpet Cleaning orange county handles each incident accordingly. In most clean water losses we utilize our heat drying equipment to dry the wet materials in place. These not invasive methods have the benefit of preventing any mold growth with minimal to no demolition necessary and minimal disruption to your daily life.  Another advantage of heat drying is being able to penetrate deep into building materials, drying areas that are not easily accessible.

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Same day helped us repair our condo after water from our neighbors upstairs came pouring through the ceiling. Mike Is very knowledgeable in matters regarding insurance and coverage. I would definitely recommend him.

Sam Y.

One of my staff left a faucet on and it ran all night!! When we arrived in the morning their was water pouring out the front door. I called mike out right away to extract the water. He happened to have a team near by and had them out within 20 minutes! Best of all my business was able to run as usual A++ service

Renee M.

Sewer Damage Orange County

Having a sewer damage in orange county ( Black water damage) in your home can be devastating and possibly very harmful to your health if not handled properly Here are some things to look for when hiring a Sewer Damage Cleanup Company 

  1. Insured –  Make sure the company you hire has the necessary  insurance. General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Contractor’s Pollution Liability are the main coverage’s to look for.
  2. Certification- They should hold the required certifications by the IICRC which is the governing body for the restoration industry
  3. Response time – responding to a water damage orange county emergency quickly is big factor in preventing more damage. The company should be available 24/7 with a 60minute response time.
  4. Services- Same day restoration handles the full mitigation of any water damage, and our staff are all well experienced and trained.

Why is it important for you to a hire a professional water damage orange county expert

If the carpet, structure and contents are not dried according to correct drying procedures , there is a risk for mold growth. The restoring and remediation of a property once their is mold growth runs a much greater expense and can cause a greater disruption to your life . Mold removal is highly regulated and it is recommended to hire a certified mold removal expert To reduce the risk of mold growth you need to ensure the carpet, underlay, sub floor and walls are completely dry.

Simply extracting the water from the carpet with a wet dry vac without any concern to drying the structure is simply not enough. ( For more questions regarding mold removal see our mold redemption page) Same Day Restoration and Carpet Cleaning has handled a large range of water damages orange county scenarios , from large facility floods ,to privately owned homes and business all around Orange county and San Diego county. We have seen it all!

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Whats the first things to do after you have a water damage in your home?

  1. Shut off the water main (This brass valve can generally be found in front of your home or inside your garage in some of the newer homes)
  2. Unplug any electronics, and move electronics, furniture and personal items immediately ( if it can be done safely! )
  3. Lay down towels to soak up as much water as possible
  4. Contact a Certified, insured and Bonded water damage restorationcompany

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We offer fixed pricing for all of our cleaning service levels.  These service levels exist so that YOU can pick whichever service best suits your needs.

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We retain quality workers, whereas some other companies have a “rotating door” of technicians. Our staff keep up to date with courses, conferences and seminars in all aspects of the industry.
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