Iron-Clad Risk Free Guarantee

Our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our reputation is everything. We want you to be so pleased with our service that you will call us back for future cleanings. We want you to recommend us to your friends, co-workers and family.

What does our 100% satisfaction guarantee mean? If you are not 100% happy with our service, we will clean it again at no cost to you and if you are still not pleased, you will not pay anything.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is just one factor that sets us apart from our competitors.


Our Work Is Guaranteed

We guarantee the quality of our work through our actions, not just our words.  Our risk-free guarantee ensures that if you are not 100% happy with our work, we’ll re-clean the area for free.

Fixed Pricing

We offer fixed pricing for all of our cleaning service levels.  These service levels exist so that YOU can pick whichever service best suits your needs.

Experienced Technicians

We retain quality workers, whereas some other companies have a “rotating door” of technicians. Our staff keep up to date with courses, conferences and seminars in all aspects of the industry.

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