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24 hour Water Damage Restoration In Fountain Valley, California

When you have water damage in your home, call Same Day Restoration to get started on the restoration immediately. Our team of water damage technicians are available 24/7 for emergency water restoration. When you call us, we will send one of our technicians out to your property within the hour to conduct a free site inspection. From this inspection we will create a concise restoration plan that will lay out the steps we will take to return your home or business to its pre-disaster condition.

Water Damage Restoration

Trust Same day restoration to handle your water damage

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Same Day Restoration offers a free site inspection for any of our clients. With this inspection we will look to identify the source of the water and the extent of the damage.

Removing standing water is the best thing you can do to minimize damage when it comes to leaks, spills or floods. Our team of restoration professionals will immediately begin extracting the water from your property using industry leading water extraction equipment.

When porous materials become overly saturated, beyond our ability to salvage the materials, we have to make the decision to remove these materials in order to protect your home or business from further damage. Doing this prepares your property for the drying and repair phases.

In order to protect your property from the possibility of mold growth and the long list of health hazards associated with that, our team will use professional grade blowers and dehumidifiers to suck out any trapped water from your floors, walls, ceilings, etc.

As a licensed general contractor, Same Day Restoration is able to make any and all repairs necessary to return your property to mint condition.

Why work with same day restoration?

Same Day Restoration are leaders in the restoration industry. We have the equipment, the experience to tackle big restoration jobs, but we also have the service and attention to detail that it takes to complete more minor restorations. When you work with Same Day Restoration, you always receive:

Quick Estimates

Following our free site inspection, Same Day Restoration provides you with a quick and accurate estimate so you can take action and get back to your life as soon as possible.

Licensed Professionals

We take customer service and quality work very serious. Our team of technicians are educated, experienced, and licensed to professionally restore your home or business.

Help With Insurance

Same Day Restoration will work with you and your insurance agency throughout the entire restoration process to ensure that your receive the best coverage possible.