If you’re reading this blog post, chances are that your home has been affected by fire, water damage, or another type of disaster. You might be feeling all sorts of emotions ranging from shock to anger to sadness. The good news is that there are ways for you to help bring back the things in your home and make it feel like a “home” again. So let’s take a look at what steps you can take after your house was damaged in some way! 

What do I do before calling Content Restoration Company?

1. If it is safe, stay away from your home until officials declare that it is safe to return. This way you are protecting yourself from further damage! When you are able to return back to your home though, make sure to contact your insurance agency as soon as possible to find out what they will cover and if they have any suggestions for you.

2. Make sure to take pictures and inventory of all the damaged items in your home. This will not only help you keep track of things, but it will also help insurance adjusters figure out what should be replaced or repaired! You can use our inventory worksheet for this purpose too: Commonly Damaged Household Contents Inventory .

3. Notify your utility companies as well as the city of the damage so that they can shut off/repair those utilities if needed. If you have a septic tank, contact them as well as this is something they will need to be aware of too.

4. Contact your credit card companies and let them know about your situation so they don’t assume fraud. Often times credit card companies will automatically assume someone is using your account without your consent if they see a lot of activity on your account and that can affect you in the long run.

5. When you return back to your home, it might be a good idea to chat with neighbors and see any damage they may have. This can be a huge help as sometimes insurance companies will “lowball” you on damages and if you have a few people who helped document the damage, it can help your claim.

6. Contact your local fire department or law enforcement office to report any suspected criminal activity that happened during the fire. If this is reported, it can really help your insurance claim.

7. After you report it to the fire department, contact a restoration company as soon as possible . This is because the longer you wait, the more likely mold and mildew growth will occur in your home which can cause health problems for everyone living there including pets! If you’re not sure on who to call, check with our Helpline at +1 949-979-5396

8. When you are able to return back to your home, be sure that the air is ventilated well in order for mold growth to be prevented . If you have fans with an open window, this will help keep the air in your home fresh. Also keep your windows and doors closed in order to prevent any bugs from entering the “clean” areas of your home.

Who is a content restoration expert?

A content restoration expert is someone who specializes in the restoration of homes after some type of damage. They are used to cleaning up messes that can range from small spills to major floods, fires, and more. Content restoration experts understand what you’re going through during this difficult time. Also many of them have extra training on how to remove odors that can be associated with fire/water damage. In addition to this, they have the necessary tools and machines needed to help you out! Lastly, content restoration experts know just how important it is to help your family get back into a normal routine as quickly as possible.

What is the content restoration process?

1. First, our content restoration experts will do an inspection of your home to see what type of damage was done and where it happened. This is so that they can put together a plan for the cleanup ahead. Many times if there are health issues involved, then this will need to be done first before anything else happens!

2. After the inspection is complete, they will then do a detailed cleaning of your home. This means that they will not only be removing all visible stains and odors, but they will also be checking for mold growth in any areas that may have been wet for too long. If there are any signs of mold growth, the professional cleaners will need to dry the area out and then treat it with a mold-resistant product.

3. Because of their experience, content restoration professionals know where to store all of your belongings until you are able to get them back into the home again. In this way they can help keep items safe from any dust or debris that may fly around during the cleaning process. For example, they will take furniture out of rooms that are being cleaned and put it into storage until the job is completed.

4. After all the cleaning work is done, then our content restoration experts will do everything possible to restore your home back to its former condition . This includes any repairs needed on walls, floors, etc. We want you to come back to a home that is just like it was before the damage occurred!

Closing thoughts

The main thing to do when your home has been damaged is to be patient and take things one step at a time. Handling your insurance claim can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but if you go into the process with a clear mind then it should not be too difficult. Make sure that you live somewhere else until your home is cleaned up because otherwise living in the mess can cause health problems. Lastly, don’t try to clean up the damage yourself because this could make things even worse down the road! It’s always best to call a professional cleaning service for help!

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