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Emergency Water Damage Restoration In Irvine, California

Water damage in your home or business is always an unpleasant experience. Not only does it make a mess, it also damages everything in its path if you don’t notice in time. This is why Same Day Restoration of Orange County provides 24-hour emergency water damage restoration services in Irvine, CA.

When you call Same Day Restoration, we dispatch a trained technician to your location immediately. You’ll receive a free inspection to determine the extent and severity of the water damage. From there, we develop a unique plan for your specific property’s needs. Trust us to thoroughly answer your questions from start to finish.

Home water damage repair in Irvine, California

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Our Water Damage Irvine Restoration Process

When Same Day Restoration of Orange County receives your call, we send out a licensed water damage technician to assess the site and make determinations on the next steps of the water damage Irvine restoration process. 

Water has the ability to damage anything in its way. To combat this fact, we bring in pumps, vacuums, and extraction mats to remove standing water from your home or business.

Heavily saturated building materials and belongings damaged beyond repair are removed from the premises. This makes room to carry out the drying and dehumidification portion of the process. 

After extracting any standing water, you’re still left with a soaked home. Everything from cabinets to floors and walls will likely need to be dried and dehumidified. We utilize industrial strength blowers and dehumidifiers to quickly restore your property.

Depending on the extent and nature of the water damage, and how many materials we needed to remove, there may be a few fixes that will need to be completed before your home is habitable again. Because we are a licensed and insured general contractor, Same Day Restoration can complete any repairs that are needed. 

The Benefits of working with same day restoration

Same Day Restoration of Orange County is the most trusted Irvine restoration company. This is because we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to  restore your home or business, no matter how extensive the damage is. Our restoration technicians are trained, certified, and among the best in the industry. Beyond these aspects though, Same Day Restoration of Orange County is a licensed general contractor, and as such, is able to finish your restoration job from start to finish.  When you work with Same Day Restoration, you always receive:

Quick Estimates

After a free site inspection, Same Day Restoration of Orange County provides you with a quick and accurate estimate that you can share with your insurance representative and adjuster. 

Licensed Professionals

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why customer service and quality work are at the core of our company. Our technicians are educated, experienced, and licensed to professionally restore your property.

Help With Insurance

Same Day Restoration will work with you and your insurance agency throughout the entire restoration process to ensure that your receive the best coverage possible.