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Do your rugs need cleaning?…maybe its time to pamper your rugs and give them a day out at the same day rug spa. Same day Irvine Rug Cleaning will asses your rug for you and advise what cleaning process is recommended based on the fiber type, dyes , age and soiling condition.

We clean area rugs, including:

  • Synthetic
  • Wool
  • Wool blends/tufted
  • Shag
  • Oriental
  • Fine rug cleaning Irvine-ca
  • Oriental rug cleaning Irvine  ca
  • Persian rug cleaning  Irvine ca
  • area rug cleaning Irvine ca

Tips on how to maintain your area rugs in home 

In between cleanings its important to continuously vacuum your rugs so dust and dirt does not build up. This may seem obvious but many times in shag or wool rugs the dirt is well hidden in the fibers and you will only start to realize once it gets so bad that you’ll have to send it to us for a cleaning. So lets save you some money…. Also when a spill happens TREAT IT RIGHT AWAY. be careful not to make your rug bleed so if their are many colors and your afraid of them running, do a test with some hot water in a corner. if you have a question about a certain rug, feel free to give us a call at (949) 346-3430- so who do you call for rug cleaning in IRVINE??  Give Same day a call and one of our delightful office staff will be happy to help you.

Irvine Rug Cleaning


Rug cleaning Irvine –  Cleaning process


Our in-shop rug cleaning process includes:

  1. Thorough commercial grade vacuuming of both sides of rug
  2. Dye-test rug to ensure color stabilization
  3. If rug bleeds, a stabilizing agent is applied to prevent color running/loss
  4. Thorough shampoo
  5. Deodorize ( if needed )
  6. Flush until water runs clear
  7. Clean or bleach fringes back to white
  8. Speed dry with high powered fans
  9. Hang rug to prevent shrinkage
  10. Apply Fabric protector  ( additional charge )
  11. Thorough inspection to see if it needs to be touched up
  12. prepare rug in plastic for delivery

Rest assured that Same Day Restoration and Carpet Cleaning of Irvine  has the knowledge and training to properly care for your rug.  Give us a call for an estimate today!



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