Best rug cleaning 

We clean many types of rugs

  • Synthetic rug cleaning
  • Wool rug cleaning
  • Wool blends/tufted rugs
  • Shag rug cleaning
  • Oriental rug cleaning

Pickup and Delivery of rugs available!

Whether you have a low-cost rug from your local department store or a family heirloom, we provide professional cleaning services to keep your rug looking its best and increase its life/use and value.

Our in-shop rug cleaning process includes:,

We are able to perform some area rug cleaning services in your home.  You may elect to have us clean your rug in-shop as well.

  1. Thorough commercial grade vacuuming of both sides of rug – This will  especially help in the cleanig of wool rugs which can hold large amounts of dirt , as well as rugs from homes with cats or dogs.
  2. Dye-test rug to ensure color stabilization.
  3. If rug bleeds, a stabilizing agent is applied to prevent color running/loss. (not all rugs can be cleaned )
  4. Thorough shampooing,
  5. Agitation with specialty rake ,or scrubber.
  6. Flush until water runs clear
  7. Treat Fringes (If applicable)
  8. Speed dry with high power fans
  9. Hang rug to prevent shrinkage
  10. Thorough inspection to determine if recleaning is nessceary
  11. Roll rug in protective plastic for delivery

Rest assured that Same Day Restoration and Carpet Cleaning has the knowledge and training to properly care for your rug.  Give us a call for an estimate today!

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