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Same Day Restoration and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orange County not only services your home, but we can service your place of work too as we offer commercial carpet cleaning orange county !  Cleaning your commercial carpet regularly helps to create a clean and healthy environment for you, your employees and those who may visit your office.

Your commercial carpet may appear to be clean; however if it is not regularly serviced by a professional carpet cleaning company, it may be harboring grime, bacteria and dirt deep within its fibers.

We offer two methods of commercial carpet cleaning maintenance 

•Truck-Mounted or Portable Hot Water Extraction (also known as Steam Cleaning)

•Low Moisture Cleaning (also known as Bonnet Cleaning)

 Steam Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

This is the most popular cleaning choice and the method that most carpet manufacturers recommend.  First, the technicians will go over and review the entire carpeted area and alert you of any areas of concern.  Next, the carpet is pre-sprayed to help suspend and emulsify any dirt deep down in its fibers.  The technicians then perform a thorough hot water extraction and clean neutralizing rinse to ensure that dirt and debris is up and out of your carpet.  Finally, the technicians will move high power fans around to help kick-start your commercial carpet dry time.  The carpet should be dry within 4-6 hours of service.

The Benefit:

The benefit of a steam cleaning is that it thoroughly rinses out the carpet and is best suited for commercial carpet that is heavily stained or has heavy traffic patterns.  If the commercial carpet has not been regularly cleaned and maintained, we recommend using the steam cleaning method for your initial service.

Bonnet Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

With bonnet cleaning, the commercial carpet is sprayed with a solution that causes dirt to rise to the surface.  The technicians then absorb the dirt from the carpet with a cotton pad.  With this service, your carpet should be dry within 1-2 hours of service.

The Benefit:

The benefit of utilizing bonnet commercial carpet cleaning is a fast dry time – your carpet will not stay wet for very long after service.  We recommend this as an interim cleaning in between your steam cleanings.

 Helpful Tips to Keep Your Commercial Carpet in Good Condition

Preventative Maintenance

Stop soil before it enters your office.  You can achieve this by placing walk-off mats at the entrance of your office and in areas where the carpet meets another type of floor (such as laminate or tile.)

 Daily Maintenance

You can reduce the amount of soil build-up in your commercial carpet by ensuring that you use the proper vacuum cleaner and making certain that spills are addressed in a reasonable amount of time.  (Remember to blot stains, NEVER scrub them!)

Interim Maintenance

You can maintain the appearance of your commercial carpet through the use of the low-moisture and low-chemical cleaning methods that we offer.  These methods provide faster dry times and return the carpet to use quickly.  We recommend a low-moisture cleaning every 6-12 months.

 Restorative Maintenance

The final step is a thorough deep steam cleaning of your commercial carpet to remove deeply embedded soil and create a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.  Although the low-moisture method does provide a great way to maintain your commercial carpet, it does not replace the need for a thorough steam cleaning to flush out deeply embedded dirt, dust, grime and oil from carpet fibers.  We recommend that you have your commercial carpet steam cleaned every 2 years.

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