Wood Floor Cleaning


Did you know that Same Day Restoration and Carpet Cleaning also offers wood floor cleaning services? Our restorative cleaning process goes beyond standard steam cleaning and addresses most surface scratches.

Our IICRC certified technicians will buff your wood floor with our state of the art floor machine.  The machine will slightly mar the surface of the wood floor, making it receptive to a new protective coating. Our technicians will then apply a sealant to the wood, and (depending on the type of flooring) they can change the finish of your wood floors to a matte or glossy finish!

The technicians would be sure to examine your floors prior to beginning work and take into account any areas of concern to you.

Restorative cleaning every few years, along with regular sweeping and mopping, can significantly extend the life of your wood flooring.

Why wait? Contact Same Day Restoration and Carpet Cleaning to get your FREE hardwood floor cleaning estimate.

Some helpful tips to keep your hardwood flooring looking great:

  • Make sure to vacuum and/or sweep your flooring regularly (soft bristled brooms are best!).
  • Place walk off/on mats where the wood flooring meets other areas to prevent moisture and debris transfer.
  • Avoid walking on wood floor with high heel shoes
  • Keep your pets nails trimmed to prevent them from scratching the flooring
  • Make sure all spills are cleaned up immediately
  • Avoid using wool/scouring pads and powders
  • Avoid acid/wax/ammonia/-based cleaners (we recommend using BONA products)
  • When mopping, use a damp mop rather than a soaking wet mop – always use as little water as possible.
  • In areas that get a lot sun exposure, try to rearrange your furniture and rugs frequently to prevent sun-bleaching
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